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This was a shoot I did for Countryman Magazine, of Paul Good who is part of the Newton Brothers. They have developed a non-browning apple. Delish!



Posted: July 22, 2012 in Portraits

I originally went to photograph Sarah in front of her home, but decided on arrival that her caravan was more significant to her life currently. Also her patio, the succulent garden and the array of things scattered around was much more ‘Sarah’ than the lonesome chair out the front. She goes away in the caravan regularly with her dog Jorji and fiance Aaron. We were going to wait for Aaron to return from work so he could be involved, but on hearing that Jorji and Aaron are not the best of friends, i decided that we would just have Sarah, hanging out with her dog. Sorry Aaron.

This is my first shoot as part of the Table Talks Course I am doing, focusing on the people of Bridgetown and their homes.

Originally I was going to shoot it all at dusk in celebration of the great sunsets we have down here. But being in the land of amazing skies, I decided this was too restrictive and am now going to shoot at any time of the day. This also allows me to take advantage of the fantastic Australian light. Something I was not always blessed with in the UK! It is especially great at this time of year. Being winter the sun is quite low. Its like the land is my studio!

So basically I am opening the doors to everything for the time being. The only constraint is that it has to be based in Bridgetown. I want to use this project as an opportunity to experiment and elaborate.

This is Les at 13 Padbury rd. A lovely man who takes a lot of pride in the upkeep of his house. He also has the most pristine garden.

When I told him I was setting up my tripod as I I didn’t want to make his house look wonky, he replied

‘It is wonky, I built it myself, I didn’t have a clue what i was doing’

And I think this just about sums it up. This house’s history is only with Les, and everything is how it is because of Les.

Table Talks @ Perth Centre of Photography

I have been lucky enough to be one of the 15 selected for Table Talks. Table Talks is a series of guest lecturers and critiques, followed by an exhibition of the final project.

I want to use this as a platform to get onto the Perth Arts scene and get my stuff out there.

Last night was the first workshop. Dr Juha Tolonen, the landscape photographer was the guest speaker, talking about the era of photography which we are now in. Seeing as most things have been done before, the way to bring new work to the world is to make photography a biography. “Your take on the world. Be selfish!” I found this very freeing, and not to be compelled to do this or that, just because i think i ‘should’

I found the discussions of our work very inspiring, having people to bounce ideas off. The project i think i am going to push forward during this time is Hillbilly with a Yuppy Hippy Coating. It ticks all the boxes, being personal to me in the way that it is about the people and places of Bridgetown (which is where i live now) Also that it is a moment in time, and as time moves on, so do people and places therefore change. Australian suburbia is still quite strange to me because it is so different from English suburbia but I am told by my Table Talk peers that it  is also considered pretty unfamiliar to the majority of Aussie’s, seeing as most of them live in the city.

Watch this space for new work coming soon!