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Today i teamed up with Coral, a makeup artist, whom i hope to be working a lot with in the future. It was the start of our working relationship! We have a little project up our sleeves, just for arts sake, nothing less. River Road is such a fantastic location with loads of cool stuff, so i wanted to go back there for the final shoot for Jess’ portfolio. With added help in the styling, i kept the lighting natural and let the model do the talking.


I am trying to pin point what the attraction of The Laundromat (Laundrette where i’m from!) is. I guess it is fairly retro, but also the idea of something we are all familiar with, being big and industrial looking, and there being lots of them like an Andy Warhol piece. Its the smell as well, its sort of comforting. It makes me revisit times in my life when i used to have to trudge with all my clothes to the laundrette because id totally run out, and also during the middle of a cold wet british winter when it just wasn’t possible for clothes to dry in time, without starting to stink. Having said that, this is the first time i’ve gone in one through choice. I wanted to embrace the crappiness. Its a good contrast.


Posted: March 17, 2012 in Fashion, Jess' Folio

This shoot I decided to grunge Jess up a bit, and get some real attitude going on. She’s got a lot more confident recently and I think it really shows. And god do I love Australian light!

I wanted to do a shoot with Jess where she could relate to a particular character, or at least understand who this character was. I thought that this way we could concentrate on fine tuning her poses and expressions. Jess totally relaxed and started to think and act more like a model, the light was great and everything fell into place. A huge step forward for Jess I think.

Deco Dollies are Fine Vintage Merchants. Their boutiques in Bridgetown and Ballingup are a haven for anyone who loves hats. Jess and I love hats, so we decided to do a shoot. I am enjoying shooting at night at the moment, having so much more control of the light. This shoot is quite theatrical. Jess really gets into character. We had a lot of fun.